SnapDPL Studio with SAP B1

SnapDPL Studio with SAP B1

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SnapDPL Studio

            Data Process Logic Studio is an application for integrating data from various data sources. With its simple but powerful tools, Data Process Logic helps take the complexity out of data integration. The program can extract and aggregate data across multiple sources, apply powerful data transformations, and migrate high volume data to virtually any other data handling application. Data Process Logic can even be used as a back-end to existing reporting systems or Microsoft® Excel.

  • 1 Year License with
  • 1 time activation
  • 29 Source Connector & 28 Target Connector Like SAP , SAP b1, Hana, File Type Connector(Text,) ,NoSQL Mongo Connector
  • Sap Business One Supported versions : SBO 2005,SBO 2007,SBO 8.8,SBO 8.81,SBO 8.82,SBO 9.1,SBO 9.2